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• Our Sweaters are handmade at a family-run atelier in Nepal.

• The yarn comes from Mongolian spinners who are committed to sustainable

sourcing and continually innovate their processes.

• All our pieces are hand-finished and hand-dyed. Rainwater is used in the

dying process along with non-toxic dyes.

• Our clothes are knitted and hand-finished with care; from the animals that

produce the fibers to the workers that make the final garments.

• We love our planet and produce slow fashion of utmost quality that will last

you for a long time.

• Making small batches means we create almost zero waste.

• We choose sustainable materials for our shipping as much as possible.

Additional information about the cashmere grades and sustainability certificates

are available on request.



• Artisanal Luxury Sports wardrobe staples handmade in Nepal.

• The softest unisex Cashmere designed by Alex Lambrechts.

• Limited Edition colours, premium yarns.

• Composition: 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere- Machine washable -

Extremely soft.

• Hand-finished + hand-dyed in small batches for unique one-off colours.

• Washing machine cycle: wool wash 30 degrees, lowest spin setting in a net. Dry flat

• Unisex Sizing: S, M/L + XL

• Colours: Available in: Navy Blue, Mimosa Yellow, Racing Red, Larkspur

Teal, British Racing Green, Noir + of course Ivory *

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