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  • Lambrechts+Brunner | sustainable cashmere

    Lambrechts-Brunner Mediakit Alex Lambrechts Sport Shop Mens About Alex Lambrechts Sport Jasmin Brunner Shop Women's About Jasmin Brunner Subscribe Cart International fine art and fashion photographer Alex Lambrechts and Supermodel + Influencer Jasmin Brunner launched their quiet luxury fashion label of ethically made sustainable cashmere garments. The collection is inspired by nautical life and adventure.

  • About Us | Lambrechts + Brunner

    About Us Officially unveiling their joint fashion label, Alex Lambrechts and Jasmin Brunner have embarked on a new chapter after years of collaborating extensively on photography and creative projects. The venture is a testament to their enduring partnership, aiming to complement their shared passion for visual communication and bring their distinctive world to vibrant life. Download the pair's Mediakit via the submenu below.

  • Shipping & Returns | Lambrechts + Brunner

    Shipping & Returns We do not usually accept returns, however your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, if you have an issue with your garment, please contact us immediately to arrange a speedy resolution. We tried to keep international shipping rates fair. If you do however have any questions, or suggestions for cheaper providers, especially for shipments within Europe, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact:

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