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  • Sustainability | Lambrechts + Brunner

    ​ ​ SUSTAINABILITY ​ SOCIAL + ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY IS IN OUR DNA. ​ • Our Sweaters are handmade at a family-run atelier in Nepal. • The yarn comes from Mongolian spinners who are committed to sustainable sourcing and continually innovate their processes. • All our pieces are hand-finished and hand-dyed. Rainwater is used in the dying process along with non-toxic dyes. • Our clothes are knitted and hand-finished with care; from the animals that produce the fibers to the workers that make the final garments. • We love our planet and produce slow fashion of utmost quality that will last you for a long time. • Making small batches means we create almost zero waste. • We choose sustainable materials for our shipping as much as possible. Additional information about the cashmere grades and sustainability certificates are available on request. OUR SWEATERS ​ • Artisanal Luxury Sports wardrobe staples handmade in Nepal. • The softest unisex Cashmere designed by Alex Lambrechts. • Limited Edition colours, premium yarns. • Composition: 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere- Machine washable - Extremely soft. • Hand-finished + hand-dyed in small batches for unique one-off colours. • Washing machine cycle: wool wash 30 degrees, lowest spin setting in a net. Dry flat • Unisex Sizing: S, M/L + XL • Colours: Available in: Navy Blue, Mimosa Yellow, Racing Red, Larkspur Teal, British Racing Green, Noir + of course Ivory *

  • Lambrechts+Brunner | sustainable cashmere

    Lambrechts-Brunner Mediakit Alex Lambrechts Sport Shop Mens About Alex Lambrechts Sport Jasmin Brunner Shop Women's About Jasmin Brunner Subscribe Cart International fine art and fashion photographer Alex Lambrechts and Supermodel + Influencer Jasmin Brunner launched their quiet luxury fashion label of ethically made sustainable cashmere garments. The collection is inspired by nautical life and adventure.

  • About Jasmin Brunner | Lambrechts + Brunner

    ​ ​ A cashmere piece that takes you places ​ In 2020, Jasmin unveiled her label with a must-have boyfriend-fit sweater, crafted from the finest hand-combed cashmere and wool blend. The sweater swiftly gained popularity in Switzerland, thanks to its impeccable design and quality. ​ Inspired by her career as a fashion model, Jasmin's distinctive design blends functionality with form, creating a striking silhouette. The relaxed sleeves and tapered arms make this sweater incredibly versatile – ideal for strolls in snowy towns, downtown meetings, breezy evening cruises, or paired effortlessly with leather jeans and heels. It's the piece she longed for during her global modeling ventures – stylish, warm, and a comforting companion anywhere. ​ Jasmin's sweaters redefine top-tier luxury essentials, reflecting her commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. Produced in Nepal by a family-run factory, each piece is hand-finished and hand-dyed using non-toxic dyes. Embracing sustainability, the small-batch production minimizes waste, making each creation a conscious choice. ​ Following the overwhelming success, Jasmin expanded her collection to include luxurious hand-rolled 100% silk scarves from Como and artisanal handmade hats from Florence. The third winter now collection introduces three new cashmere sweater designs inspired by nautical life and adventure, continuing her design journey of elegance and comfort. ​ ​ PRESS Annabelle Wishlist St. Moritz Magazine Faces Interview about our work Akut Magazine - So geht Nachhaltiger Luxus NotJustALabel - Designer Profile I may have found the perfect all time sustainable sweater ReachMagazine - Timeless Luxury ​ Download the Brand Mediakit Her e Download Jasmin's personal Mediakit via the Submenu below ​ ​ Jasmin Brunner R0029671 L1510414 Jasmin Brunner 1/21

  • Shipping & Returns | Lambrechts + Brunner

    Shipping & Returns We do not usually accept returns, however your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, if you have an issue with your garment, please contact us immediately to arrange a speedy resolution. We tried to keep international shipping rates fair. If you do however have any questions, or suggestions for cheaper providers, especially for shipments within Europe, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact:

  • Contact | Lambrechts + Brunner

    Contact Us

  • About Alex Lambrechts Sport | Lambrechts + Brunner

    ​ ​ The Finest Heritage-inspired Sustainable Cashmere Sportswear... A new Signature line by; Internationally renowned Fashion + Fine Art Photographer 'Alex Lambrechts' ​ Alex's fashion + design story dates back to the late 90's, where he began designing a vast array of fashion, denim + industrial design pieces for some of the most recognized brand names of the time, including; Dunhill, Lucky Strike + Benson&Hedges to name only a few... ​ Fast forward; following an established career in Fashion + Fine Art Photography, consisting of countless luxury fashion house collaborations, with brands such as LVMH, Bvlgari, Acqua Di Parma + Hermes , as well as numerous published editorials in British Vogue, GQ, Elle, The Fall + Russh to name only a few... ​ In 2020 Alex Co-designed + launched the successful luxury fashion brand; 'Jasmin Brunner:TheLabel ' with his wife... (Since it's creation, the pair have received a tremendous number of requests for a 'Men's version of Jasmin's collection). More recently, in 2022 Alex Collaborated with 'SUPERDUPER HATS ' of Florence, Italy to design + release his own Signature Series of handmade artisan hats... ​ It was clearly only a matter of time before the pair applied their discerning tastes, unique skills + rich life experiences to designing another signature line... Today, Jasmin + Alex are excited to be releasing a masculine collection to compliment Jasmin Brunner:TheLabel , in the guise of 'Alex Lambrechts Sport ' ​ 1/28

  • About Us | Lambrechts + Brunner

    About Us Officially unveiling their joint fashion label, Alex Lambrechts and Jasmin Brunner have embarked on a new chapter after years of collaborating extensively on photography and creative projects. The venture is a testament to their enduring partnership, aiming to complement their shared passion for visual communication and bring their distinctive world to vibrant life. Download the pair's Mediakit via the submenu below.

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