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Silk Scarf MintGreen 50 x 50 cm

100% Silk Twill Scarves

Made in Como


Glacier Print

50 x 50 cm

14 mommes

Certified by ICEA Global Organic

Textile Standard

Certified by FSC

Silk Scarf MintGreen 50 x 50 cm

CHF 130.00Price
  • JasminBrunner TheLabel AW22/23 prints are inspired by bird view glacier landscapes that shape our Swiss geography as equally as they are prevalent in inernational mountain regions.

    We aim to shed light on the environmental phenomenon ‚Glacial Lake Outburst Flood‘. A GLOF, is a sudden release of water from a lake fed by glacier melt.

    GLOFs aren't a new phenomenon; with the worldwide receding of glaciers and rising temperature, the probability of their occurrences has risen. Such outbursts have the potential of releasing millions of cubic meters of water in a few hours causing catastrophic flooding downstream resulting in damage to life, property, forest, farms, and infrastructure.

    The phenomenon of GLOFs illustrates the possible impacts of global climate change on the local level, as examples from Switzerland and Nepal illustrate. Both countries alike face a rising threat of glacier-related hazards but their capabilities to react differ significantly.

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