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Wide Angle 120gr Rabbit fur felt

Designed in Collaboration Between Alex Lambrechts + Superduper Hats,


The Wide Angle is my after dark, backstreet Soho lid… the anthracite picks up just enough light to cut a killer silhouette, made for smoky speakeasies and after parties…


Using a hand shaping technique after the initial blocking on the round crown mold, this style is hand molded to create a completely one of a kind piece.


The process allows for the artisan to have control of every detail and curve regarding the shape of the crown- perfecting each one slightly different from the rest.


Created with 100% rabbit felt, it is soft and delicate to the touch. Despite being malleable enough to sculpt into the ideal shape, the teardrop crown as well as the brim remains firm and structured. 


The brim is average 8,5 cm with a clean cut edge. It is then decorated with a 4cm army green gros grain traditional bow and the edge of the brim is finished with the same gros.


Inside a tear-lining representing one of Alex pics, using the wide angle technique. 


On the crown, our EarthpieceTM reminds you what's important. 


Inside you can have the vegetal tanned calf leather sweatband.


The hat is hand made in Florence, Italy with respect and consciousness of quality and making process.

Wide Angle 120gr Rabbit fur felt

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  • To reduce waste and excess inventory, our pieces are 'Made to order' Shipping times from order are 21 days worldwide.

  • As our pieces are 'Made to Order' we do not usually accept returns, however your satisfaction is important to us, if you have an issue with your garment, please contact us immediately to arrange a speedy resolution.

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